Clash Music

Warsaw Machines: Nick Yulman

“Yulman’s work covers a far broader spectrum than would be expected of most recording musicians. His work incorporates robotics, oral history and performance art; his instruments vary from guitars to books used as sound modules and scraps of discarded metal found on city streets. A photo on Yulman’s website shows him onstage leant over a mass of cables and small boxes lined up on table, concentrating intently, while a wooden arm appears primed to strike the tin helmet perched on his head.”


Nick Yulman: Music Is The Object

”Enter Nick Yulman, a Brooklyn-based artist whose work investigates the musical potential of everyday objects and mechanically manipulated instruments. Far from dry, academic exercises, his installations make great use of pop song structure to entice participants into directly interacting with all manner of sound-producing apparatus. Participants essentially become part of the composition as they bring the clangorous materials in Yulman’s pieces to musical life through a series of physical actions that are neither active ‘playing-an-instrument’ nor passive listening.”


New Sounds Live

“Hear a world premiere work by Angélica Negrón -“Me he perdido” (I’ve Gotten Lost) for the American Composers Orchestra and mechanical instruments, which were site-specific, and positioned throughout Brookfield Place, in and amongst the palm trees. The contraptions themselves were crafted in collaboration with instrument builder Nick Yulman, and are robotic modules which incorporate traditional gamelan (Indonesian-inspired tuned percussion) together with samples of woks and pans from Negrón’s kitchen.”


StoryCorps: Listening Is an Act of Love

Original music for TV Special which premiered on PBS
“The first-ever animated feature from StoryCorps, Listening Is an Act of Love, presents six stories from 10 years of StoryCorps, where everyday people sit down together to ask life’s important questions and share stories from their lives.”