The Index Series features book synthesizers — actuators rapidly strike the books covers to produce tuned notes.
The books’ variable volume allows them to create an acoustic filter effect. Opening the pages is like turning the filter knob in a subtractive synthesis instrument.

Over the years, I’ve done multiple performances and installation in this series.

Index Organ
Study for Books no. 1

Nick Yulman
TEMP Art Space, Tribeca
Terrifying Noble Splendid
5 October – 2 November, 2013

Index Organ is a sound Installation that uses books to created an immersive musical experience. Sound is generated through a form of acoustic synthesis: books rapidly struck by electromechanical actuators to producing tones. The layout is inspired by Cathedral Pipe Organs and positions listeners in the center of this spatially dynamic polyphonic instrument. For this installation, I wrote a series of 5 'Studies for Books'.

Nick Yulman performs his piece Index Boogie using mechanical percussion, books and lab glass at PS1 during the M. Wells Winter Carnival, December 2011 video by Sarah Kramer

Index Quartet
Center for Book Arts
New York, NY


Nick Yulman performs "Index Crooner" using modules from his Bricolo mechanical music system, designed to let musicians control acoustic sound sources using a computer. He sings melodies through a book using his "Thing Synth" module, which produces tuned notes by rapidly striking physical objects.